Bespoke Platform Starter Packages

The Platform with MHFAider anonymous tracking and data and the full suite of resources is not required to purchase care coins but is highly recommended, see bespoke platforms here.

Simply Care Coins

The entry point is a minimum purchase of 30 Care Coins

Then simply top them up whenever you need to.


Basic Bespoke Platform

min 30 Care Coins (included)

Care Coins Tracking
Anonymous DATA
1x staff check-in


Full Bespoke Platform

min 50 Care Coins (included)

Care Coins Tracking
Anonymous DATA
Customized Reporting
3D Toolbox
Unlimited MH E-learning
1x staff check-in


Prices include Care Coins at £30 each (VAT added where applicable)

Invest in your employee’s mental wealth

Purchase Care Coins at £30 each and use them for any of our services, remember the care coins can never go unused and whilst supporting your employees your supporting charities and those less fortunate

1 Care Coin

30 mins with therapist/counsellor

2 Care Coins

60 mins with therapist/counsellor

bespoke workshop

3 Care Coins

60 minutes life coaching with a certified John Maxwell life coach

30 care coins

30 Care Coins

On-site full employee mental health assessment (approx 4-6 hours) by our clinical psychologist

over 120 care coins

8 Care Coins

Monthly webinar and check-in our team of therapists provide a presentation with QnA

over 120 care coins

8 Care Coins

Price per delegate for MHFAider training for your company for up to 16 individuals, including one-year aftercare and support

Specialist MHFAider support and supervision

Our MHFAider support is supplied by a fully qualified therapist who is also a national trainer for mental health first aid level three training and a mental health first aider.

1 Care Coin

30 minute 121 supervision with therapist

2 Care Coins

60 minute 1-2-1 supervision with therapist

Group supervision sessions

For up to 6 persons

1 Care Coin per person for 2X 60 minute sessions

MHFAider up-skilling courses

1 Care Coin per delegate per course

bespoke platform

MHFAider platform

The acclaimed bespoke MHFAider platform. Please contact us for your bespoke needs and pricing

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Mental Health First Aiders Network

Connecting mental health first aiders from across the globe. Resources, webinars, group and individual support for MHFAiders.


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