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Your organisation/company purchases Care Coins with one easy purchase order and invoice, and you can use them for any of our mental health services as and when needed. Don’t worry about paying for non-usage – we won’t let that happen.

If you don’t use your Care Coins one month, unlike traditional EAP’s where you pay fees regardless of usage, your Care Coins will still be there, ready to be used the month after and so on.

bespoke platform

Bespoke MHFAider platform

We create the ultimate admin system and anonymous tracking and empowerment for your MHFAiders with our unique bespoke to your branding platform, this platform controls all care coin purchases and individually tracks the care coin engagement whilst protecting anonymity at all times.

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company donates

The company donates some Care Coins

Your organisation/Company then via an MHFAider or another designated person or directly via our staff issues care coins to the individual staff member so that they can use the coins for one to one counselling/therapy sessions. Once you have been issued the coins you will have an initial chat with our staff and be matched up to the most appropriate therapist that will effectively support you throughout your sessions.



Just by purchasing care coins for your employees, you are already supporting others as we put 1 Care Coin for every 10 you purchase into the pot.

Many employees like to hold events to raise money for mental health within their companies – whether it’s for special occasions such as World Mental Health Day, or Mental Health Awareness Week; or simply because they’re passionate about mental health.

If this is something you’d like to get involved in, then why not raise some money to donate a fantastic EAP service to a deserving organisation that would otherwise, be unable to afford one? With so many companies choosing to donate money to a specific organisation, why not donate Care Coins instead?

coins for the pot

Lots of care coins for the pot

As a not-for-profit community interest company, at Care Coins, we’re dedicated to putting all monies raised from sales and donations back into our community pot, which goes directly to those less fortunate, who can access mental health training and one-to-one sessions.


Goes to the community for FREE

We dedicate ourselves to giving Care Coins through our monies made on services or donations directly back to nominated deserving members of communities local to us and our partners.