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Bespoke Mental Health First Aid Platforms

Fully bespoke and your own branded
MHFAider support

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After years of feedback, we’ve created the optimal platform to:


Keep track of MHFAiders

The dashboard shows you how much time was spent by MHFAiders supporting colleagues and the progress of the colleague. This is all done anonymously.


Support MHFAiders

You have MHFAiders and you should support them in every way possible. Your bespoke platform includes many resources including a support line, 3D digital toolbox, e-learning and much more.


Empower MHFAiders

MHFAiders need to be able to support colleagues effectively. The platform enables MHFAiders to directly offer immediate support to their colleagues.

Your own branded platform to be used with or without Care Coins

Send us your logos and colour scheme, and this will be used throughout your bespoke platform. You do not require Care Coins for your bespoke platform.

Your platform has a membership area for you to upload all your MHFAiders and their info

See all your MHFAiders and groups at a glance, as well as contact info, locations, training achieved, and when refresher training is due.

MHFAiders can see important notices and upcoming events

Such as refresher training, bespoke workshops, MHFA forums. They can also post relevant company mental health news on the homepage, announce upcoming events and mental health forums, refresher training and more.

Signposting will be provided by the 3D toolbox along with substantial mental health resources.

This will include your company’s EAP information and all relevant contacts. If you have Care Coins, your Care Coin counter and live spreadsheet will be included as well.

Bespoke Dashboard

Your MHFAiders take anonymous notes and click a few boxes each time they engage with a colleague (no names or other personal details are ever used).

Once a quarter, bi-yearly, or yearly, you can see all the data beautifully displayed in your dashboard area. This includes:

  • How many MHFAider interventions there were with colleagues
  • How much time was spent by MHFAiders interacting with colleagues
  • The most common causes of mental health problems identified
  • How supportive line managers were throughout the process

You’ve made the investment in MHFAiders

Now support them, empower them and see their effectiveness all in one easy
platfrom completely bespoke to your organisations branding and needs.