At Care Coins, we are passionate about mental health. All of our team have been through the worst times that mental health can offer, from clinical depression, to suicides in the family, debilitating anxiety, panic attacks, and addictions, to name a few. However, we’ve all made it through with affordable professional help.

We set up Care Coins to support as many people as possible, and this needs to start in our places of work.

Employee Assistance Programmes (known as EAP’s), are notoriously underused, and you pay for the under usage. In fact, they can actually create an environment whereby it’s not in the interest of the provider you pay to support you, because by doing so, it will greatly affect their profits.

Another huge problem is that traditional EAP’s base their pricing on everyone in the company having a handful of sessions each, which is nothing like reality. What mostly happens, is that some staff won’t need any sessions at all, whereas others will need much more support.

Its no fault for commercial entities to focus on profit; but this means that the less support they give, the more profit they will make.

This makes no sense at all when your goal is to effectively look after your staff’s wellbeing.

At Care Coins, we set out to make a system that guarantees the most effective EAP without paying for non-usage, and getting the preventative as well as the reactive services you need when you need it.

Mental Health First Aid in the workplace is an important part of the workplace strategy, but all too often, companies engage in this procedure, but fail to follow up with support and effective monitoring.

We provide the best MHFAider training through our partner’s Red Umbrella.

And we don’t stop there. Having a reactive EAP system won’t work on its own, so we offer proactive measures too. This includes monthly check-ins, bespoke workshops based on the anonymous feedback from your MHFAiders and staff, as well as bespoke e-learning and an extensive choice of management training.

We are committed to putting all profits and donations into our Care Coin pot which supports those less fortunate.

Our bottom line is your wellbeing.